Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love: Thrift Stores

I hate paying full price for anything. Period. If somebody else is buying, that's a different story. But if I'm coughing up the cash? I want coupons or half-off or permanent markdown or blue light special or something, cuz honey, if it ain't on sale, I probably ain't buying it.

That's why I love thrift stores. I love that you can buy items for much less than you would buy them new. Sometimes you can even find stuff that is brand new, with the tags still attached!

Now, it's true that, at thrift stores, you may go in empty-handed and leave empty-handed. You may not find anything at any thrift store you go in, especially if you have something specific in mind. But that's part of being thrifty and waiting on the good deals. When you finally get that great deal, it is awesome! It's the same feeling that everyone thinks about when they think about honeymoon sex--fantastical fireworks and unicorns flying across the sky--except that with thrifting, it actually feels like that!

Here are a couple items I have found at thrift stores recently:

I love these shoes! They are Merona brand, and they are black patent peep-toe slingbacks with an awesome three-inch heel. These bad boys still had the original tags on them! They retail for $24.99. What did I pay? $2. That's right, my friends, two bucks. And a unicorn flies across the sky...

Here's my latest find, especially for The Cute One.

This vintage tiny trike was priced at $6. I say vintage because they don't make them like this anymore. They're all plastic or steel and not wood. It's probably 20 years old, and for it to look this nice at that age? Well, let's just say I'm not worried about it breaking any time soon.

Not only do thrift stores have tons of neat things, but they are available at great prices. And that's definitely something I love.

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